The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lkm 56 chev

Mr ken has been steadily working on his 56 build.

Sweet model A

My buddy Anthony built a sweet model A
Truck, all modern under the hood.

Marsoc foundation poker run camp lejeune nc

Buck holly who served in the corps with my brother pat came up from fla. to spinster this run, GUNS were the main prizes for best hand and best back then chop! I hate the phrase ol school.
Tons of prizes.
Best hand ? Hand built sniper rifle.
Best chop? Glock of his choise.
Be there next year or miss out!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ODs Halloween party

As usual it was great, got tore slam back!
Doc George from shade trees made it up! No more apple pie for him.
Eggie kicked ass cookin again
And Minnie Mouse got drunk and humped again.

Deer season

Ok I'm slack on blogging cause it's deer season so deal with it lol!

Butcher hop, yep we went

Great ride up and back, really good time 
I'm sure we will be back. Thanks butcher chop boys!

Fishin trip

So my ride up here was to hang with family and fish blues n striped bass ! Awesome time so far. Hope y'all are riding .

From trip in sept. I'm gettin slack with blog

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ride to conn.

Long ride up to fish with my bros. and hang with family , the van was givin me prob. So the road glide and me hit the road 600 mile and hardly no traffic cool!
So gonna party and bluefish  tomorrow pics to follow .