The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Sunday, September 30, 2012

guns, bikes , beer,

 did a early b-fast with gator, OD, and big tom and then off to meet the guys down in kinley for some beer and gun play
this is our club house  for the CMVPA.
 mmmmmmmmm! 50 cal. fun behind the clubhouse.
 pappy looks like a proud pappa! what a way to spend my time!
 then it was off to meet johnny savage and the guys from savage and heads tattoo in  garner at locked and loaded for the annual bike show, blah, blah, blah.....
 and john won best chrome, best wheels? and best in show.
 we all jammede to plan - b bar for drinks at 100 mph,,,weeeee!
then home run by myself, was after dark when i got to youngsville and got dinner and back to the shop.
great day for sure!!
if it ends tonite at least i lived great today.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

rain, cold , beer, an progress on the FX

 rained all day and cold, so no ride, but we did get stuff done on big dons FX, while billy was in va. at the butcher whatever event.
 got small parts blasted for paint and the powder coater.

and had bratts with this pepper relish, this shit is awsome, like satin takes a shit in your mouth! fuckin hot!!!!
gator eats this stuff on every thing! he aint human.

Friday, September 28, 2012

progress on OG big dons shovel

 billy got the frame back from live wire down in willmington, awsome job! for all your powder coating needs!
it live wire powder coating.
 taped for protection, time to clean up the excess coating
 old inner
 and the chrome new one, funny thing is gator bought this for don years ago to replace the worn out one with shiney chrome.
now its going on.
 damn coating is a bitch to get off!! its thick as hell but i got it off,
 here is the funniest part of the nite, fork oil ended up everywhere! walls, ceiling , table, floor, in ODs eye!!
billy and gator were shootin it outta the forks like super soakers, funny mo fos!
 a productive day and fun as well.
we got so drunk i slept in the van , hurt like hell today out ridin ! every time we stopped i tried to nap, got hit with water from a garden hose while nappin, wtf? well im in early and im beat.

Birthday Singing for the Leprechan

I think someone was off key a little bit.  Who said an OG could sing?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

new project ??

ok, durring the sturgis trip i met a couple guys with pans/projects? so im lookin allways for a project.
here is the one in chicago, hopefully it will be in tenn  soon and i can look closer at it in person and bring her home to nc. she needs to live! but this is gonna take some time and money before its on the road! but it is pretty cool. 59 left 51 right.
stay tuned.

Monday, September 24, 2012

OG big dons shovel.

 ok, ive posted about the loss of big don and how gator ended up with this shovel, and how he has put his prospect/adopted son DS wild billy in charge of restorin it.
well billy an gator have tore it doen and the frame went to live wire powder coating in willmington.
and while gator was washing off all the years of crud he found this....a spark plug in the trans drain plug hole...!! lmao!
crazy the things ya find when ya tear down a old bike, things done in a pinch and never fixed later down the road, i love this shit! rat n roll kids!
more to come, i think DS tim picked up the frame today.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

ride to the coast and the BSM HQ.

 so after dealin with bike fest all day yesterday i said to everyone im headed to the coast, and this morning pooter girl text and asked if i was rollin through smithfield via hyway 70 east, yep!
she can get anyone to go to JRs tabbaco with her, ok
so she rode to the shop and off we went, when i got to JRs she would ride solo back to louis burg. cool.
here we are ridin country rds. down.
 a view of the lower end, needs a new andrews B grind cam, so davo ordered it, hes doing a few more things to freshin up the bottom end.
heads should be back from mach, shop soon. davo says it will be an 88 inch stroker when shes done.
 dave going over stuff/ progress with me, he dosent have to explain to me cause all he dose is gold.
 and look who decided to have an extended adventure ? yep , after a lunch stop she decided to ride along.
one lil glitch with her sporty on the road, lil oil leak. but a quick adjustment while i ran for oil and she had it fixed. ( to bad about them oil soaked jeans ) lol.
the black sheep had lunch prepared for all who showed today, grilled porkchops, sasauge, sides, and oh yeah they now have a kegorator in the shop!! with PBR on tap!! YOU HEAR THAT GATOR,!!
they said to tell ya come back down the beer is goin bad! they need your help!!
pic of me and pooter when we arrived.
back on the road at 5 pm and home by dark, sweet ridin day, absolutely awsome, great friends and all!!
300 today, what did you do with your day?? i hope ya got in a good ride.
now were is my beer?

capital city bike fest.

 been drivin th DS chester the molester mobile and dropped it at gators the other day and have been on the road glide.
 any way , ive been ridin it and the ogs had a cake and dinner for me last nite,
 b-day cake, cigars. and some sweet green glass lic plate gewels from lil kenny mock., cards , dinner, and all gators beer that i could drink.
 got to down town ral. for bike fest with brandon, stayed until 11.00 pm. home by 12.00 long day sellin raffle tickets for the marine corps league. i just talk to people all day while the others sell tickets. lol.
our booth, we sold all 1,000 tickets we brought with us,
saw some folks i havent seen in a long time, mike miller and sarah, mike aponte, johnny swavage and sarah, so many clubs in wake co. now!! well it was busy all day!
im off to j-ville in the am. to visit and ride the coast with the blacksheep misfits. im gassed up and ready to roll at dawn.
yall be safe and i will see ya when i see ya. ;)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

OGs Representing (My Bike )

Ha third place in the open bike show at the big downtown Raleigh bike fest. OGs representing.  

Not to bad for a old pretty much stock FLH.  

Everyone just about knows my bike that reads this blog. It really aint nothing special but its mine and looks ok. It really has been pretty reliable and not to bad to ride a coupel of hours at a time. And today we went to the big open bike show in Raleigh and put in the show. Really i was waiting on gator and some of the OGs to come down from north of the city. Needless to say none made the show and Gators new build had issues and had to turn around and head back.    
Really wish Gator and company could of made the day. But it was good seeing little kenny Mock and April. Ya man it was a good day.

See ya get out and ride.

Friday, September 21, 2012


We got the 73 running, the SU needs a little attention, but it's running.  We did waste a good PBR on the startup.....The Leprechaun caught it on video...


my 52 b-day is done

 ended up at gator an ODs house today and went to dinner on them. i did have a little buzz in this pic. ;)
hey its my day! im allowed!
 rode all day and stopped in the twisted kilt for lunch,, the wings kinda suck, but the breasts are great!! lol!
tap beer, the stella was good and cold. i give the place a 5
 got some subsonic 22 long ammo, made the lil pistola sound like a cap gun!! weeee so much fun!
 michelle the waitress in franklinton, my favorite joint ta eat fried chickin. im tellin ya the country cafe is great.
she is fun, and she smells like bubble gum, really! im not kiddin. lmao!! ask gator!!
and to make the day finnish off perfect?? poot dropped off a beautiful 4 leaf clover bell for the road glide to keep my leprechaun ass safe on my travels,, and a nice bottle of cabernet sauvinguon to keep me mello !!
thank you.
all in all a pretty normal day, and im good with that. no close calls, bike seems good, and i didnt hurt anybody.
thanks to all for the b-day wishes, it means so much. tomorrow is fri. get out and go for a ride.
peace to all my friends , and confusion to my foes!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

remanising years past.

it is my birthday today and it never fails i go back to the old days.
better times, miss the family and friends that are nolonger here to enjoy my time with.
everyone is so wrapped up in themselves and the me me me bullshit of what life is today.
anyway, here is a pic of me and the best friend i ever had in my life! Putt the mutt.
17 years of love , loyalty and friendship! she was that one that cant be replaced. unconditional friend.
so im gonna ride and toast putt and have the second for 52 years, i wish dogs could live as long as us.
get out and ride, and try not ta hurt nobody,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

rollin dirty with russ in his lexus!

 ok its fuckin rainin, the 59 is down , the roadglide is at gators, and did i mention its still fuckin rainin?
so russel stover came buy picked me up in the new lexus and we went truck huntin. no luck.
so off to sonic for this months visit, but i still gotta say , us drivin around in his new fancy car ya see in the background....well its like puttin a 500 dollar prom dress on a 3.00 dollar whore! lol!
but he loves the car! v-8 full size, comphy! hell he even had the radio on easy listining when i got in it!! hahaha! busted! he quickly put on some slipknot, thanks for lunch russ.

OG lil kenny mocks new seat

 lil kenny mock aka, mr. ken stopped by the sugar shack to show off his new seat and what i think is the finnished sporty project. seat is nice and soft with the new padding in it.
dicky stopped buy with yellow dog and drank a beer and told us all about his catering bussiness back in the 50s ...
 DS wild bill takin it all in , listnin to dicky go on and on...needs to get back to work on his daddy gators flh, he got a dead line.
mr. kens 70, all done?