The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Thursday, November 29, 2012

been home for 2 days and aint seen anyone, well pooter dropped of a sub sandwich last nite. ( it was good )
almost kicked this cold i brought back from new england... fuckin cold!! ugh!
wanna say thanks to my daughter in law in kentucky for checkin in on me durring the holliday ,  and poot ,and OD ( she allways keepin her eye on me ) thanks girls.
get the 59 back on monday, davo shoprag and tam are bringin her to me....they are just awsome people, no shit just awsome!
gonna hit the sugar shack tomorrow if i feel better. i need my gator fix! lol!
well the 59 will be home.....? what ta do? got nothin ta gain and nothin ta loose, i got nothin but time after the 4th of dec. what ta do? i dont know? i do know i need another shot of ta-kill-ya and one more beer........
stay tuned kids, im gonna do something fo sure!!

chop project for sale

 big tom is building a new house and wants to sell his evo project. 99 % complete he says.
 HD eve motor came from a great running bike, trans is a new ultima 6 sd, new ultima 3 in. belt and plates.
HD springer front end, rear fender is 6 inch shorter than pics and now at paint he says. hes got a bit tied up in her so dont low ball him, the price is 5,500 firm!! if you offer less he will probly bite your head off and shit down your neck, then explain that its 5,500 firm to you again! JUST SAYIN!!
contact him at 919-426-5572 ask for tom.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

home from conn. trip and thanksgiving.

 ah, thanksgiving and seein family and friends. dinner at my little brother pat and his killer wife allie place.
it was soooo good! turkey, pork, and all the trimings, cold beer and irish whiskey!! i ate and drank and enjoyed myself to no end. this is mom and the reason i keep going home.
 the aftermath! lmao!
 6 out of 7 siblings, left to right...danny, pat, kelly, jimmy, david, and me .
 sat tradition , going to the range and blasting off some skeet.
 oldest bro. with davids kids, 2 out of 6 that he has.
 big AL, the hostess with the mostest!! shes pats wife.
 the Hughes crew.
 fires are a must up there!! fuckin cold ass weather.
 got to see sue and her family while i was there, and go for a little ride.
 sue is wanting horses, and so she wanted to show me this 68 acre mini farm, complete with chicken houses and garage/shop
 chicken houses???? so she suggested i move there and take care of her horse, raise organic free range chickens collect eggs, live in the house, heeheehee, tryin to imagine me as a gentleman farmer!? hahahahaha!
crazy man, and the cold weather? wheeeeew?? will see. my big brother jim went over ta look at the same time....hes all for it.
 me and david hung alot, and enjoyed some pubs/pizza joints and just drinkin and talkin about life .
 and pat showed me his fav. lil bar in wallingford were he lives. i really liked this bar, smelled like an old bar as soon as ya walked in, aqwsome!!! good bass ale on tap. i split my time between dave and pats house.
 and lil finlley georga!! my god this kid is a joy to be around!!
 the morning i left to ride home, waited till it hit 40 deg. and i was gone. this is pats house.
 gas stop in MD.
 cold and rainy with a mix of flurrys in va.
 got stuck in rush hour traffic in DC and made it as far as fredricksburg and got a room, crazy ass drivers runn me into the breakdown lane twice, fuck it get a room and dinner. thismorning was more rain and cold, hit 40 degs and after watchin frankinstine over morning coffee i split .
 rain, no rush ta leave....
at last, back to the shop!! ahhhhh, cold but 10 min later i had hot coffee and a egg sandwich...
whats the next trip? i dont know but it will be soon. def. south bound !! fuck the cold!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

conn. for thanksgiving !! BRRRRRRR!

 ok, its cold after dark in newengland, COLD! as long as its daylite im good but after dark? cold. my gloves are rated for 45 deg. so they aint workin, and the apes dont!
this is at 8 pm. and im a little confused on where i am, but i got back on corse.
 my hands are the only thing that makes riding uncomfortable. i will probly head south on sunday and will have heat pads in my gloves and wrapped on my grips.
warming up with dave at the local A.L. / VFW,  good ta get home and visit family and friends.

Friday, November 16, 2012


DS wild bill scores

so OG eggie scored wild billy a 72 shovel, super glide, stock but for the back rim.
cheep too, we spent the eve messin with it, and drinkin. bad ass!

eve chopper/bobber project for sale

big tom has this chopper/bobber for sale.
hd eve motor
new 6 spd trans
3 inch belt drive , new
big tube ridged frame
hd springer
contact him at 919-426-5572
6,000 obo
this bike is 95 percent done needs very little to be on the road


still at it with my lil brother dave and buddy joe from conn. ( they cant shoot for shit! if they were they wouldnot get a wiff!)

Monday, November 12, 2012

vets day,,,,

 i signed on the dotted line in 78 and wouldnot trade one moment as a marine for anything. i miss it , or should i say, i miss the brotherhood of men. marines.
it isnot found in the civ. world, i never met one person out here that has matched up to those i served with, its a marine thing we share.
once a marine always a marine.
 but everyone who served has my respect! they also gave for this country ,time, blood, life. just kids willing to die to protect our rights and way of life, and for each other.
 you enjoy today, but remember that someone served so that you could do just that,,,enjoy your day!
they are still out there standing a post some were here in the u.s.a , or taking cover from incoming. over seas.
so as i have written here before, enjoy that day off, your hotdog and cold beer....but remember why you have it! its because of a veteran , plain and simple.

and now i will say thank you to our active duty , and my nephew pauly with 2/8, thank you, i love them all.
and to all who came before you, welcome home , and god bless. SEMPER FI!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

sunday fun day

 so me, pootergirl and brandon went to the farm this morning to move deerstands and cut back brush, they do all the work...i gust bark orders, lol.
 later i ended up at gators after working on the 45 flat head adding some peices i found. and pooter ,ken and gator were hard at it putting a purple glass dot she got at the cba swapmeet.
we all did dinner at a pub and then i road home, it was real nice for a eve, ride not cold except in the bottoms. but a great nite for a ride.

cba swapmeet

 so sat morning we meet up. and headed to charollett nc.for the cba swapmeet.
lots of good things to see and barter on.
 the outside venders were the best place to find a deal. insude
 this lil scooter was a brittish ww2 paratrooper peice. very cool.
 loys of 45 stuff this year and vl stuff.
 it was a beautiful day,
me and the crew, and pootergirl. we got to see friends and drink a bunch of beer, dinner at cracker barrel and home. this meet is allways great and lots of fun.
peace kids.

Friday, November 9, 2012

wla progress

 got some shit done last nite, still identafyin parts, makin a list checkin it twice!
 swapmeet this sat. in char. hope i find some shit im missing.
i would get soooo much farther if it werent for the refreshments. and well,, im havin fun .
see ya at the swap.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

deer season is going well,

 brandon killed another buck this morning, came buy the shop ta pic me up to butcher the thing, (yes i slept in today, im a big fat wet pussy) but fuck it i like my sleep!!
 yesterday i got a doe,
 allways like it when the big guy stops for coffee before the evening
i do the butcherin, and brandon handles makin the deer jerky, hell yes is fuckin good!!