The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

back to bussiness ! guns n bikes

ok, today is good, ol fella dropped by the gun shop next door and wanted to dump a double gun.
surface rust, etc. been in the farmhouse attic for 30 plus years. they passed.
they know my weakness for old doubles and 1911s so they get me and i said hell yeah! out the door for a hundo.
20 min with gun oil and 00 steelwool and presto change-o! new gun., im happy.
j-stevens arms & tool comp. mod 335 double, in 12 ga, gonna shoot her tonite. ;)

DS Billy The Kid taking it to OG Leprechaun

The OG Leprechaun and DS Billy the Kid had a bet to bench 200 lbs by the OG Harleyween Party, They had one month to get ready. 
OG Leprechaun almost popping his ass out!

Monday, October 29, 2012

more party pics

 pooter girl, ehhh, umm? gator i mean doin the toilet paper plunger game,,,hahaha.
 this game was perfect for me an wade! no runnin , just waddle waddle waddle.....( wade is sayin, i remember when my stick could do that!!)
 i thin k its in....
 my costume, not so easy ta wear when im drunk.
 my goal was to be taller than brett, i was!
 being the tallest in the room , finally!!
 HMMMMM? we were sooo drunk !! LMFAO!!!!!!

 apple pie shine was a big hit!! sooo good . and beer, pooter kept tellin jokes and drinkin that apple pie.
 im not kiddin ya!! it was on the ground  right behind those bushes!!!!
 i have no idea what we were doin.
pooter girl and mr ken......glad to see more folks dressin up this year, i think it was great.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

more pics from the HALLOWEEN PARTY.

 first, thanks to OD and GATOR for throwin this party every year . and this year was a home run!
secound thanks to OG EGGY , for again takin care of all the cookin and grills and pickin up the food ! he is the best damn cook in NC! if not the east coast when it comes to grillin!
 coolers of bbq chickin .
 OG eggy hard at it, 3 chookers and on man!, pig, chickin, corn, sweet taters, peanuts, un real.
 hot and mild chilli were on hand. ( ok this was not hot , it was hurtful! and the mild was hot!)
 roast corn.
 sweet taters and corn on rotissary, hand built by eggy
 my favorite , aprils peanut butter goast cookies!
 april/pooter girl showed up dressed like our fearless leader gator! what a hoot!
 multi taskin!!
 OD and OG russ, the high skydiver.
 OG lil kenny,you know who and OD.
 OG billy-d-pan, aka snake came as someone on a date.
 mmmmm, pooter girl and eggy fight over cruncy pig teats!!
 the gals
 OD givin mini a spankin.
 mini had a buzz, and then she started flashing.
even the rats had fun.
stay tuned for more pics from wade and puddin and billy-d-pan.
thanks again for the great time and and it was nice to see everyone. im still gettin over it! hurt most of the day, after all the pbr and applepie shine! holly shit and the shots...... slept in the van. (again)
only 365 days till we do it again.

OG Harleyween 2012