The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ray days, Bike show.

Well i got to say that everyone has there own thoughts on how and what is the best and coolest bike, chopper, boober, Ect. should be. We all have our own likes and dislikes. But all that said it does my hart good to see some of our own show up all the store bought bolt on guys out there. This show is typlicaly filled with a lot of trailer queens and border line tackey looking bikes with high dollar paint and monster motors. In other words the show is filled with a bunch of RUBS. standing around talking about how much money they got into there bike and how much horsepower they have. It is funny they won and they make us all proud. They built there bikes with a thought of what they wanted and not what everyone else has. I know them and i know that they really could care less if you liked there bike or not. Plus they had the bikes parked for the show was the best parking, So they paid to park there ( entry fee ) to keep from haveing to park on the curb with all the other thousands of bikes and have junior drop his aginst one of  theres. So just the thought of that guy putting his bike back in the trailer and wondering why his 40,000 custom didnt win and him crying about it really makes me laugh. Dont get me wrong there bikes are great works and should be appreicated. And the winners are as follows.    
HERO Gator, Mr. ken , Dewayne and Big Brett all took home 1st. place bling at ray price ( bike fest ) in ral. congrats to my OG brothers.
65 pan shovel, Ken
48 stock pan, Dewayne
The Dropseat rad, and people choise, Hero Gator
The Evo, chopper, Big Brett

DS party

dont forget the death science open house is this weekend, come out drink a beer, eat and lets talk bikes and guns!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ernesto is now in FLA.

dirty ernie finnaly surfaced and hes gone coast ta coast peed in the pasific and wound up in FLA.
sent this pic. dude is allways makin the right kinda friends. hes livin the lifestyle we all dream of.
ride safe brother. lookin forward to your next pic.

new DS baby.

congrats to tim and his wife on the birth of the new baby!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the 59

well shes up and runnin like a champ! one kick after primeing,,, watch for her at the next DS open house.
anyone seen wade!?
me . brandon , and pooter girl had the booth set up at our local mens club for their bike and car show..sellin raffle tickets for the ar-15,.................. small turn out.?!?
guess guys in the ral. area dont like tits and cold beer? WTF?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

me and brandon, tim and jack rode down and dropped a cash donation to the CMVPA for the family of marine corps sgt. mark bradley, killed in afganistan last month. the roadking in the forground is a usmc tribute bike with every marine corps CMH recipiant ingraved in the wheels and dogtags on the tank, can be seen at every outside event we attend to raise money.
RIP mark , semper fi.

death science bbq

ok , we will be at the DS open house in oct. the 1st. with some toys and swapmeet parts. see yall there.

wish i had the hulk here today tryin to start the 59..kick, kick, kick! check ball in oil pump still bad! wtf!,,crank case full of oil, motor kickin back hard on me,,guess i gotta rebuild the pump. she wants ta start!! maybe tomorrow.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

doogie the OG nomad

doogie had a great time on his visit from minn. he had a great time hangin with us for a week..what a nut! went home with some killer builtwell bars and red metalflake helmutt for his scooter. he will start postin soon.

59 panshovel

so here is a pic. of the pan/shovel that i got from DS. tim (DS shady)..basically a basket case.
got her back to lookin like a FL , lots of changes, got some old fiberglass bags that are goin on too.
wanna fire it up by the weekend and see whats what?
56 chopper and a 59 bagger,, whats next.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inside the motor

this is inside the motor of the 56 4 3/4 stroke and a 350 bore....all new gaskets and the motor is back in and runnin.

where the hell is wade?

last saw him headed to black sheep misfits, hug a root party,,,its like the bermuda triangle got him! wtf?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kevin had this idea

I must admit i just thought he was dreaming like we all do from time to time about a bad ass bike we would want to build. But as things fell in place and a little luck and horse trading. O and also pulled out that horse shoe out his ass and polished it up. And this is what seedy came up with.

He scored this cool motor from a older man up in the yanke country. Yall now the typical story old guy had it and it sat in his basement for years kinda story.  (stage left the horse shoe commint)    

So after a bunch of cold beers and some help from friends and made a new one or two along the way. A few busted nuckles and headaches and a bunch of what the fucks. This is what we got to ride with and be seen with. Not to bad i dont think i also like to watch him kick start it with the switch off. Now thats funny. 

More to come about this bike. He has about worked out all the kinks and is riding it around. He Hopes to go to Baltimore with it Maybe. Better pictures are comming soon. 

Aprils Birthday party

So April had a Birthday party. Everyone was pumped to go to the Death Science Cook out and than to her party and or just mix them together but Irene messed things up. So we just had a party for her instead. It was a rare time that all the OGs were present and a great time was had by all. There was a safety meeting after we got thrown out of the room kevin had set up but as always the camera died and missed them pictures. I am sure for the best.   

It didnt take long for the birthday girl to get that nap time feeling and i think it was that big glass of wine in her hand.

There was also a very rare sighting of Death Science Tim and his beautiful wife.  Man what a rightous lady she is Tim you a lucky man. I was getting a little worried about the way she was holding that belly, i think it was the cake. Also Tim and Deb showed up he has the old hippie type trike way cool.  

Kevin did spring for pizza and the cake what a sport he is. OD the crews offical tell ya if you fucking up lady chowing down on pizza and cake.

Ernesto has left the area

The OGs got several great friends and this guy is one of the good ones. He has a habit of here one day gone the next . We never know were he is going to be next and dont think he does neither. He had all his laundry done so he decided to take a ride and sent this picture. I guess he really lives the lifestyle we all strive for. Just to pick up and go were you want.  

Kevin and April checkin for the TALIBAN

So Kevin and April went to see if any of the Taliban was in Washington DC. Just the OGs trying to do our part.  
And as always you get thirsty looking for the bad guys so they fell into this little Pub to have a cold one and some grub.
While they were there of course they had to pay some respect. Dam thats some emotional stuff.