The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday Fun day

 Dam it was hot around the sugar shack,  but a lot of folks was out. Think all headed to the shack for a cold one. And the best folks around to be with.   

Even gator had a problem with the heat and did his hair.

These dam things were poping up every where.

We were missing a few folks but not many. Kevin was just plane UA. I think he got sucked up buy aliens and such. But we got the call about the BSM cook out and made a few plans for event of the summer. So this month looks good for riding and events. Everyone be safe and enjoy yourself.   

Gator dont like no snakes.

harley dog said fuck it. !!!!

For some reason everyone was off Monday and this happened.  Real fun time. Hope everyone stoped and remembered a VET. or someone that has been affected by the conflicts and wars we all have endured. I kinda hate this time but it is also bitter sweet.

Monday, May 28, 2012

time to reflect, pay respects, and ride.

 rode to J - ville, and paid my respects to friends lost in 83.
 sat was a beautiful day for the ride down by myself, me and the 59, time ta think an get my mind right!
a whole life ahead of me and gonna get busy with it! a veitnam mem. is now in j-ville next to ours. go check it out!
the ride home after dark was uneventful , and the turkey farms along the way , in the eve. humidity were so plesant to the nose! lol! nice easy goin day .
remember this weekend is more than hot dogs , and partyin with friends , its about lives lost ! say thanks to a vet today and pray for the ones who never made it back,
to all who never served ,, enjoy the hot dogs , cupcakes and cold beer today, relax enjoy, laugh and play......dont worry their are still young men and women who have your back!! ..SEMPER FI!

Friday, May 25, 2012

cagers suck, soccer moms suck, traffic sucks!

so today against my better gudgement i venture in to raleigh on a friday nobody gives a shit afternoon and after dealin with attitude at ray price used harley part store, i head north and on the way out! wammo! bitch almost hits me and i try to avoid it and wammo gose me to the pavement and curb!
no body stops ta help but they loooove ta look!
bitch drives off! pick up the bike and compose, kick her alive and ride my busted up sore ass 30 miles ta gators.
lucky hes a doctor kinda, so he prescribes mass amounts of PBR, and a cold one for my elbow...feelin buzzed and he says fried chickin and then ya go home and get rest so ya can get ready ta feel sore tomorrow!
im in for the nite, takin a pill, goin nite, nite after this last beer.
im glad its not my last beer, so be careful! it aint us kids its the fuckin soccermom yellin at the kids, the fat fuck stuffin that fat fuckin face, the phones the textin the spoiled rottin lil fucker jammin around and down the breakdown lane durrin rush hour in the cage daddy got him!!
thats why we die people.
be careful and tell your people ya love em befor some fucker runs you down too!
SKINT UP , BRUZED, but gooood ta go! semper fi, they cant make me die!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 me an casey catbird, yeh, yeah,,i need glasses ta see the phone ta take this blurry pic.
so im in denton nc. at the AMCA mc. swapmeet an show and clay from the J-Ville LEATHERNECKS MC. calls me an says this waitress at hooters is askin if i know ya, and i told her yeah but we call him KJ. she says can you get him to come in and see me ,,?
who are ya to him and she says he used to be married to my mom and i wanna find him.
he says ya in ? HELL YEAH IM IN!! set it up .
so today was the day and i couldnt be happier than i am right now, beauty, brains ( goin ta school for nursing ) sooo sharp!! i guess its true, god opens a door when needed,
11 years its been, and i hope we grow from here,,,,,now i gotta see her brother.
love ya casey ! you have done really well and im proud of you.
thank you clay , i owe ya brother...SEMPER FI. LNF/FLN,

the OGs at denton nc.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Revenge Run , The movie.

GO here check it out. Just put your pointer over the blank. Warning bad words and music.

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Denton (enough said)

The Denton meet. I missed the out on the camping on this one. But there was one good day to be had. Me and the OL took off and got there about noon. Started walking around and the old motorcycle was just a overload to the eye it was like really, were the hell do you start.  WOW. Parts, the show, And old dudes just hanging out and being cool with old bikes and talkin a language about them that you really had to pay attention to understand. This is one of them meets where i just kinda watched and listened. Lots of way cool stuff and everyone was overly willing to talk about there bike and or parts. 

This guy was real proud of this bike.

This was a 1905 erie. Way rare and the detail is just unreal, Lots of bucks. 

Very nice all original

I can see a beer run special with this.

I loved this thing. Look close, he crashed it the nite before broke handle bars and all.  

Very nice clean and simple bike.

This thing has been around for awhile. Every time i see it i hind something different. 

 The parts were every where. This spread was not the only one. Many more were there.  

Try and adjust these.  HAHA. I admit it i could not do it.

The color is kinda funky on this. But look at the sheet metal. In a strange way its kinda cool. 

Here's that erie again, wow just wow a real piece of art. 

Well about it for the Pictures. We saw about it all. Then went to the OG camp at the sugar shack. All the beer and spirts were drank the nite before. Me and gator went to get more PBR the show is in a dry county so we had to go about 15 miles down the road. We got alot of looks when we cleaned out the cooler of PBR at the food lion. The picture taken fell off around here cuz everyone and everything was drinking. Saw some friends and made new ones. Even meet up with some fine folks from the spring mountain ride. Goodyear and his wife were great to party with, Hell she outlasted Gator. Kelly was in rare form and keeping all the folks straight. The blacksheep made a good showing, Hell i havent seen them for almost a year. And yall have got to meet Liz this lady puts alot of folks to shame. Nothing for her to hit the road and do a 6 to 8 hundred mile ride in the weekend. Next year i will be on my bike and camping kicking myself for not doing it, i hate missing a adventure.  SEE YA.      

denton friends new and old were found

 here is mr ken and the medicine man, we met medicine man 4 years ago? maybe? at the smoke out in rockingham.
he had a awsome indian cheif. the next year he moved to our camp and it continued until he didnt show and we lost track, well gater ran into him and its all on again!
he road in with the kick start only crowd from maggie valley and dale from wheels through time.
 here he is with gater when he arrived, great ta see him.
hes from exit 8 , NJ. hahaha.
 also ran into around the world doug and his 20s modle scout he will be riding in this years cannon ball.
if doug looks familliar to ya he should, hes been published in the horse mag on and off for years covering his rides around the world on shovels,pans,indians etc. glad he got ta come to the camp and visit, good luck on the race and your up coming trip to the black sea!

 eclipse and the crew. hes stayed and partied fri. and then rode back on his 58 to ral. with some others who daytripped up to visit and have a beer,
 here we have gater singin david allen coe songs and scott playin air guitar while shoprag cracks up and enjoys his buzz, and scotts ol lady texts tam sayin these guys will never grow up,,,hahaha
yep i was there too, grateful to have such a good group of friends.

people who came ta party an stay with the OGs in denton

 kelly puddin rogers, haha i never get tired of the thing she dose with her boobs WACKA WACKS heeheehee!
 layna,, she rode in with goodyear on her softail and was rewarded with her very first PBR!! and she loved it! so much so she didnt shut down until 4 am, hell she out lasted gater!! WTF? the PBR factory is gonna have to run overtime to keep her supplied!!
 some one yelled down the hill to our camp at me and low and behold? shoprag beer and camera in hand shows up! i thought ya were workin myrtl beach? fuckit he says it sucked! i knew this was the place ta be, and he brought allong scott from the shade tree crew in kentucky along with his lovely lady and an awsome 30s knuck. dave and tam showed later after dark and had some catchin up ta do and i didnt get a pic of them but every one knows dave allways looks the same (and allways will if he dosent loose the up coming drag race at the rock to shoprag) and tam allways looks like a rockstar! so good ta party with them .
 doc showed up lookin for gater ta give him a dollar bill he oewd him for a deal? thats what kinda folks ya meet in our lifestyle, gater said i aint worried about a damn dollar but it really gose along way as far as your caricter gose.
doc is a buddy of ds wild bill from mt airy nc. and allways welcome back ta camp
and then there is super mario from across the stree, this guy could cooook!! he did a mex. themed nite with music and some of the best grill cooked mex food ive had.!
the santa in the background lit up and another group of rowdies they used it as a becon to let folks know were they were...they were a crazy bunch!!