The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harleyween 2011

The Guest Of Honor
Rhost Sweet Potatos and Corn

A Few Chickens Being BBQed

Eggie The Grill Master

Harleyween 2011 Spread

April Ghost Cookies

Wild Women Of The Season


gator's Sugarshack

I hope everyone made it home safe.  The last person left about 12:30AM....I've found out that the 18+hour party takes longer to get over each year.  Pigsnot, me and Harley have been moving a little slower today, but we'll do it again.   Thanks for the good times....gator

GATORS And ODs Harleyween Party

Gator and OD had a bash last nite for everyone. A real good time was had by all and a real laidback feel to the event. Eggy done the cooking and there was plenty. Good time was had by all.  
OD in costume, What a class act. She is the hostes with the mostes  

Then theres GATOR WTF!! Think hes got a itch. Dam he always makes us proud.

Valorie was a little scared and uncertain about it all.
Eggy Done the cooking he had 3 grills going.

One of Kevins friends. Bet April had to babbysit all nite cause of nitemares. 
WTF Was this all about?!?!

A rare sight of that many of us together and no blue lights. 

Kelly always liked purple.

Gators new hair do.

The party moved indoors it got pretty cold.

Lots of good times and met some new folks and saw some friends. Hell even the DS crew made a showing. If you made it you know what i mean if you didnt you missed a good one. Things could not of been better. Till next time. Yall be safe. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011


anybody that dresses as a clown on halloween is a closet fag! a real clown is probly fulltime!
have a safe nite to all.




Gators Harleyween party tonite. I will send pictures out tomorrow. See ya and be safe.  

FOllOW thE Red DOt!!!!!

This is real cool.
This starts off slow but keep your eye on the dot . And consentrate. It gets faster.
Need to listen to the words almost at the end so make sure your sound is up its kinda low.


Wow this picture is from one of the ol ladies friends from way back. That guy is about 6ft 4in so just look at how big this thing is. It is a timber wolf. They had to shoot it because he was messing around with people. I think it was the people on his turf.

Monday, October 24, 2011

deer are goin down.

the killin is good , should have the freezer full if brandon keep gettin it done!
sorry lil bambi,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leprehaun on the Loose in Virginia, seen a few OG's and Death Science reps also

I caught The Leprechaun trying to clip some parts in Chesterfield, Virginia over the weekend.  I know, he won't working, you can tell by the expression....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday nite repairs and shop talk

So while i am still down and out with my leg HERO gator helped me with my oil pump check valve to keep my bike from leaking oil all over his floor. Then done a few basic maintenance items with Kelly in the action and showed us both that we were wrong and that some shit on the bike was not right and didn't fit and how it should be done the right way. All said and done she was right.  YOU GO KELLY!!! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Can i get a AMEN

I am a firm beliver that every man has a right to belive in what he wants and do as he wishes.  I aint the greatest and the perfect person by no means. It dont hurt to go to chruch every now and then. Just for a check up on life and a little different aspect on how they say we should be to ourselfs and fellow man. I aint preaching by no means just letting folks know about my church.    
The parkin lot at the church. Not a bad crowed to be with.

Nice old shovel head a 74 FL

Kinda odd not your typical looking preacher, But he is pretty good.  
Some of the folks at a out door church service at Ray Price.

Black Sheep Pictures

Was going through the camera and found these. I thought i didnt take any. They are a little dark but o well. 

This was one bad ass bike.  

I always like the old flh type shovelheads

DaveOs Bike.

Pocket critters

The ole lady wanted to go see a friend she has, that lives out in the outlaw land out side of raleigh. Her friend has a problem with collecting critters and dam if she didnt get some critters this time.
These things freak me out they look to much like folks

Eating a miniture marshmellow

Eating a cereal. The things face is the size of my thumb. WTF!! wiered.

DS Cookout

Sorry we didnt do many pictures but we all had a good time. And as always HERO Gator was in his zone and making us all proud. 

Hula hooping with a 300mm tire OD suggested the helment. We got to kinda watch him sometimes.

The party got a little slow. So HERO decided to liven things up some. 


He has been doing a little pin striping anyway.