The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

barn find shovelhead!

so i got a call yesterday from OG lil kenny and he says ya see the shovel near Va. on craigs list!?! 1981 shovelhead, $ 3.000, so i called the guy and said blah,blah,blah! so this am im off to get her, shows it to me i say $ 2.500 he says good enough ! i said HUH?? good enough and shes loaded, off to DMV , wham bam thank you mam, done , back to shop, charge batt, adjust timeing with OG eggie and WHAP_POW! shes runnin, smooooth! but has a chargin problem.....still into it cheep so weeee im happy, happy, happy! hunt em down and haul em home.....get out and ride!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

chesterfield VA. swap by departure bike works

been gettin ready for the departure swap meet in chesterfield, we should all be there, along with pooter girl, even deeeewayne the snake is gonna try and drive in from west by god va.wade, puddin and buzzard are drivin up so im told? but they are MIA. we got 2 tables at the back wall like usual and sharing space with the black sheep misfits outta j-ville. davo, shoprag , chip and tam for sure. so come on out and support the departure guys , real good bunch! this swap is really good, and i hope to score some flat head stuff. sunday, sunday, sunday at the fairgrounds! and remember where ever ya go! no shittin in the back yard!!! hahahhaha! now were did i put my beer?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

wade is MIA

so we havent seen hopa a long in a while, hes is school again and he tore down his bike for a top end and looks like he doing a complete makeover. but no pics yet, its kinda like hopin ta see big foot! and that only happens at the kickstand lodge! lmao!! well maybe he will surface with it at MOs ?

yesterdays project update

so fri and sat we messed with the 79...i got tore back on fri nite and wasent worth a damn on sat. rann around half the morning hunting for some fork seals 35 mm, got one from mississippi at north ral. cycle for free! thanks to him for that! and found a second at ray price HD, for 18.00$ WTF?! its a seal! we needed it , so we paid ta get it, fuck it. today is beautiful and gonna ride, see ya when i see ya.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

shovel project

last nites progress. slow going but we are havin fun! its a beautiful day so im gonna ride to lunch ta meet some other devildogs.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OG big Dons shovel

so, OG big DON passed this past summer and gator ended up with his shovel . and decided to restore and return it to the family. young wild bill took on the task and has been doing a great job over at the sugar shack/ gator transport. progress is slow but its all good, here are tonites pics. yall ride safe out there.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

ridin and wrenchin

great day, sorted nuts n bolts with ken, rode to gators and helped billy get his kickstand on his shovel heat and reshape it to work, then beer, then we started reasembly of OG big dons (rip) shovel....long time coming. rode home and then dinner with the OGs. oh yeah, OG LKM got his narrow glide n wheel thing stright, his 65 looks great this way. anyway, it was cold yes, but the roads were clear, maybe the secondary was scetchy but hell it was great to get the 59 out and about....tomorrow will be 51 degs. so get out and ride! see ya out there.

photos, lezz-be-friendz, and the shade trees!

so here we go, i was gonna bring a stater an roter to daveo for the knuck project and wild bill called and says hes headed down to shoot daveo shovel. so we ride down in the ford fuckus so i can help him with the shoot, its going into wrench mag. got lost in the dark, cause im loosing all concept of where im going after dark! we get there, drink beer, eat an awesome seafood dinner by shoprag! ( billy is now eatin fish and shrip, even though it has a face) next day we get some great riding shots, and then thanks to OZ (shade tree) we get in side the country time lounge to shoot the bike. the shoot went well, much fun, much beer, laughs were many,many many! and i chased a cute lezbefriend all day at the bar, her partner wanted to kick my ass, but hell im down for anything! dip me in honey and throw me in the mix! hahahaha! wish chad was there it would have been even funnier! the shoot wrapped up and we all headed to the BSM compound for food and beer and as usual me and one other this time rommel were last men standing at 0300 hrs. b-fast was great tam and billy headed home after pickin up a round swingarm for someones pan. got back in time to chow down with the OGs in wake forest and say happy b-day to val, then back to the shop. GREAT weekend, absolutly great. ice should be off the roads by noon, get out and ride!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

burrrrrrr, im glad i moved.

little brother dave, burried in the snow and cold in conn. FUCK THAT SHIT! im glad i stayed in NC, in 1983 after discharge from marines.BRRRRRRRRRR!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

progress on the WLA springer.

the progress is going well and daveo with the BSM is pulling his hair out tryin to get it done, lol. not really hes great at resto work, from long chopper to stock, lovin it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

slow day

so today i stripped the rear fender and got my material and ideas for the sissybar on the cone shovel project. and LKM finnished the big twin resto from 18 over to stock, better than new!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

301 tavern, pig pickin

so my ol buddy pappy, and marine vet. told me he was havin a pig pickin at his new bar in lucama nc. so thats good enough for me ! saddle up after b-fast with gater and od and it was nice, cold but nice. im ridin so its all good. got to the bar, and drank cold beer, shot the shit and made new friends all around, good friendly crowd. pig was awesome as hell!! sides too. and jill can make a great batch a hush puppies! so if your ever up for a ride and eant a cold one, and like good pooltables and stright sticks, the 301 tavern is the place! just up the road from smithfield north bound, and just down the road from wilson south bound on hyway 301. the ride home was dark and coooold but well worth the trip, how many people hid indoors today cause of a lil cold!? get out and ride!

Friday, February 1, 2013

winter ridin n visits

so today i got the shop field dayed and i was gone jammin while the jammins good, got to 37 gegs and thats good! sun shinnin and all that shit. hit lkm s shop for beer and cigars . lil more grindin and that ol off set springer will be perfect and back to stock! from 18 over back to the way shit should be! headed home after the sun was behind the trees, mistake! but hell i was havin fun and pais the price, ice cold and burnnin hands! but its all good! and great to be alive and ridin! tomorrow , pig on the grill in lucama nc! at the 301 bar. maybe i will see ya there! unless its tooooo cold for ya!