The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

70 iornhead

i dont think i posted pics of the 70 yet, picked it up for the lil brother dave in conn. 1,100 bucks..starts and runs, not bad. although pooter girl said ta stop buyin stuff, its cuttin into her drinkin money! ha!

42 wla

saw this 42 wla motor in char. nc. at the swap, by the time i found it it was sold to another dealer, then we found him, he allready sold of the linkert carb and was pullin the heads off! they too were sold, wth? so i talked fast told him i would take the rest, well the DMV called and the numbers are good ta go! im goin ta pick her up when me and poot get back from the issue 4 showclass party in fla. ( and the OG stable grows)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

og bikes

my black 56 panshovel and bretts 58 grey pan and gators fxr, stoppin in the country for a cold one.

eggys shovel

the 81 wide glide, nice deal on this bike.

bretts pan

well we road again today with no breakdowns!! hey there is a god, then met up with the rest of the ogs ta see eggts new 81 shovel, real nice bike. this pic is pootergirl kickin bretts 58 pan,

bretts pan

big brett got the 58 pan completed and everyone got ta ride it today, check out gators used harley parts. for pics, or pootergirls blog for videos. great day with ken brett deeeewayne pooter val deb and me, gotta love ol iorn! oh yeah eggie scored another shovel off a origonal owner today! 81 wide glide , cheep! he may have a 46 flathead ta boot!!! nice score!!! the OG stable grows.


well wade is still recoupin from his hip replacement, says he dont feel like postin on the blog? oh well maybe he will soon.

wow what a weekend

well turkey day was great. dinner with pooters family. girl can cook! but friday was full of breakdowns! we headed off for ral . and pooters rear break cable snapped, thanks to wesley and billy from death science we had a cable and were back on the road. 45 min later wham! poot hits a pothole that looked like a impact from a morter round, snap gose the rear shock, broke clean. we used every bungee we had ta secure it to the swingarm and made it to the ex, house and left the iornhead there for the nite. doubled up on the 59 and home after dark, gotta laugh about it though. check pootergirls blog for upcoming photos. we got the iorn head home thismorning and again wesley came through with some old shock off his 77 so pooter is up and runnin again,,see ya on the road tomorrow. gotta love old iron!

Monday, November 14, 2011

wade LINUS rodgers

been awhile , by now wade should be up and movin, had his hip replacement last fri.
sent some tex messages to him but no reply yet. im pretty sure hes still with us.
we hope hes back runnin track very soon. in the mean time check out gators other blog ( bikes, chicks, guns, etc.