The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

beach trippin!

more pics from my ride to the beach

beach trippin!

so i got boared and frustrated and called davo from BSM in j-ville and said lets get some lunch! and i hauled ass to the coast. shoprag got in shortly after me and we drank some beer and then road to topsail for seafood. the place was great and was servin 1 dollar beer, so we were good. finnished our food and cruzed the coast. and then back to the BSM compound for much more beer and laughs , me and tam last men standing at 0120 hrs. lol. awsome b-fast of pancakes,eggs,bacon,coffee,andhasbrowns and i was off. great weather down and back, some hard wind coming home .

Sunday, January 27, 2013

gator has a birthday

muck pbr was drank and the ladies picked up some real good pizza pies! whip cream cake! he got some bullets, hot sause, and beer...think he was happy. nice !

progress on the off set springer

so this past year we found some HD springers, davo and shoprag from BSM are restoring the 18 over 45 we scored for 250 in the mountains, gettin her back to stock for my wla. LKM decided to do the same to his big twin offset springer. the pic of the silver front legs are the finnished product. this front end was in a horse leantoo and was extended about 18 also, its coming along and will be done today. he had to stop for gators b-day.

Friday, January 25, 2013

hey i got plumbing working in the shop,,, crazy man! im pushing hard to get a bigger place here in town. big ass wharehouse that use to be used to off load product off the train back in the day. gonna try again to close the deal on that FX , on sat at noon... i hope it gose down smooth, this will be the third time ive tried to get this bike project . thanks to gator, pooter girl and buzzard for the concern and help offered and givin durring the plumbing delema. thank you all. well snow coming in thisafternoon, so yall be safe. i think gators b-day is this weekend, i think hes a hundred years old or close to it so i gotta get him something nice. lol. ttyl

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

as i say, get busy livin!

so all thats been goin on and flyin to mass for mas surgury, we lost a really great guy last week right as i was gettin ready to leave. greg (metro man) topolinski. ta say he was a good guy would not do him justace, he was an awsome guy, never asked for nothin, allways giving to anyone. ya know the guy was so easy ta prank, and we all loved it. we all loved him. he will be missed., i wish we hadent drifted but it happens in life, i moved allthough only 45 min away....lifes priorities change, he got married, and blah, blah. we should have made a poinr to get together and not just talk on the phone. any way, i hope your at peace and im sure your giving god interior decorating tips and tellin him the pearly gates need more chrome! rest in peace, just chill, we will kill a bottle of ta-kill-ya when i get there. ps, in the pic, left to right. me , doogie, greg, aka metro man. get busy livin ! get out and find an old friend ! peace.

got ta hang with my family in mass.

so while visiting mom in the hosp. i got ta see some family, kelly, david,pat, jim , and 2 nephews i aint seen in years...every nite i got a buzz and on the last we all went to the sons of erin to eat and drink good irish whiskey and fresh gunnies off da tap. got drunk and flew home . need to do this kinda thing more often , but everyone needs to put things to the side to do it, work can wait! life is short as hell. get together and ride, drink, cause when your gone yer just gone.

back from visit to mass.

so ma needed a new hip, at 79 and all i figured i better get up there. so 7 days sittin bed side at the hospital then rehab center. and she was doin good enough for me to split from the cold. shes doin ok. back in NC and my back is killin me from sittin. so today is gonna be nice! im outta here and goin for a ride.

Monday, January 7, 2013

springer front ends?

so last year lilkenny M found a big twin extended springer in a barn 4 miles from the shop, and i found one this year in the mountains, mine was a extended 45 inline, and kens a big twin. well daveo from BSM took mine to the compound to cut thr radius arms off and bring it back to stock.. this week end we did the same to LKM s front end , lots a fun watchin LKM,gator, eggie and eclpsie cut, heat twist and bend that thing back to normal while i drank beer. but they did it, makes me sooo proud of them, lmfao!! we will be looking for any springer stuff we can get at chesterfield next month.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

parts huntin and a visit to BSM compound

so me and lil kenny m, went on a road trip to the coast and hunted down some more parts, some really cool stuff, didnt get pics of the trip cause my i phone cam was giving me hall. ken got some sweet shit and i cant put pics of all the stuff on here cause its spred out at a few places. lots of org. HD hardware...200 lbs of it taken off bikes and replaced with chrome shit, org knuck, pan shovel nuts and bolts... scored another wla rear wheel, hub , axel, and drum... cop speedo from the 50s, and it works! ( goin on the 59 big bertha) got to see the blacksheep misfits , eat and drink and drop some parts off to them, they are repairing some wla stuff for me. awsome day with great people! OG ken drove down and back..and thanks to BSM for all they do. gonna have some good stuff to bring to chesterfield swap meet, put on by the guys at departure bike works...this is thwe best swapmeet, we will be there with bells on.

parts huntin

200 lbs of nuts and bolts and washers, gonna be sortin for days the clear and read guide lites are goin on daveos knuck entry for born free. lotsa goodies

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

meet peggy!

ahhhh, this is the way to start 2013, a nice score on a 1911. colt MK IV series 80. i call her peggy.

new member

ok we want to make it official, welcome to our newest member to the OG family. BUZZARD. welcome , bring beer once a month!!

another OG shop veh.

ok so some wheelin and dealin was done and i have secured a new shop veh, with only 70,000 slow rollin miles on her. and next week me and DS tim will go to sc, to bring it home. even comes complete with a oak bed in the back!!

happy new year.

nice crowd showed up at the sugar cube last nite for lotsa food and drink, thanks to , gator and od for supplies, and brett for black eyed peas, and $ towards the sausage we flew in from cajun country. eggie for three crock pots full of yummy stuff! buzzard for the expert rice cookin, josh for not knockin out the neighbor LOL! DS tim for showing , allways nice to see his better half and great kids. and ken for takin off the eve from work, it aint the same if he isnt here. any ways lotsa good folks anoh yeah philly boy and his brewed! great seein missing folks and what not , but thanks for sharing new years with me. my OG family rocks its gonna be a great year, positive thinking , brings positive results. peace.