The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Friday, August 31, 2012

friday frustration

so we got josh up an runnin with his sporty, test ride went well. and the 59 is assembled, new headlite works, even hi/lo! go figure? but brake is still an issue.
gonna go to gators and grind and weld a bracket try and bleed, will see whats what? it dont matter, brakes or not im outta here in the am. will post from the road,
do yourself a favor, fill her up , and ride till it hits reserve. there is life past your favorite waterin hole, and the world aint flat.
get out and go for a ride.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


R.I.P. indian larry.
time flys right?! get out an ride before its too late! an tell someone ya love just that!
love yall , see ya when i see ya.

slow progress

got over ta gators and assembled josh front end for the sporty, what a pain in the ass!
HD must have a tool or a silverback gorilla compressin them tube springs!
got everything assembled on the 59 and now its off ta advance for a headlite and brake relay switch, its just an old motorcycle !
oh yeah, thanks ta gator for the bbq samitches!

Monday, August 27, 2012

monday progress , and a visit from DS

 got as far as i could today on the 59, rebuilt caliper, found lotsa stuff came loose after the 5000 miles up an back on trip.
cleaned up the pipes and a start on paintin the rear fender i got shipped to me by daveo., more in am.
at about 930 pm the DS boys came by for a visit and drink a beer, check on my progress and see if i needed anything,
billy cleaned up my primary goodyear dropped off, and danielpicked up the cam. i used at wheels through time.
matt took pics around the shop, well they all did.
this is one billy shot and text to me, nice i think. took it with a phone?! remarkable.
stay tuned.

OG in the makin.

 wild bill gettin schoolin from OG mr ken.
last nite was a hoot, we drank a buncha beer at gators and mr. ken split when billy asked to see my 380 auto.
a bet was made and won, and it was funny as hell!
we then worked on OG big dons 79 shovel, billy asked to help gator and learn as he gose.
he tore it down in no time! hes a good kid. got alot of heart and potential.
DeathScience's Bill The Kid was showing off some picture taking skills while the OG Leprechaun was showing gator his shooting skills.  He almost got the center star on The Stars and Bars.  It cost me a bunch of PBR to see this demostration.....gator




Sunday, August 26, 2012

ok im done

4 weeks on the road , 5 days home.
im fuckin over it!
get these brakes semi correct im gone!
i spelled brakes right! lol!
gator n eqlipse found some parts for me, but ta make the drums work the rim is 400 bucks, so i got a replacement part for the retrofited caliper! if the caliper rebuild works im gone!
stay tuned.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Misc. Stuff

Kevin was saying that the blog was not taking no more picture up loads and posting. This is just a test and some old pictures that i had on the computer. And as Always thank you for your support.   

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

sturgis 2012 is in the bag.

landed safe at RDU last nite and made it back to the shop.
5000 miles on the 59 was a breeze compared to trailering that 72 up to new england! bumper ta bumper traffic the whole way! never again will i do that!
felt like i was gonna crawl outta my own skin if i didnt get outta that cage!
but hey mission accomplished, my wing man/woman and her 72 are back safe, and im back in the good ol carolinas.
cant post pics? think the blog site is full? cause it keeps sayin we have reached its photo capasity?
young kyle will have to fix that for wade.
as soon as i get photos on the disc i will get gator to photo bucket them or something?
 again to all, those who helped along the way with road assistance or just e-mail /text and phone calls to motivate us along.
billy D pan
gator n OD
mr ken and you know who,
brett an val
wild bill
geene ( mas-a-2-sits ) SH/USA
todd SH/USA
jay SH/USA
MO and bobby at kick stand lodge
uncle jim kick stand lodge
sasqwatch at kick stand lodge
the boston babes ( ireene )
stevie , stone walls by jackson
kelly an ned
JJ and mom
nees harley davidson
jethro cycles
the black sheep misfits
dr pete
bill and tina
tina H
if i missed ya , sorry just come by and drink a beer and i will tell ya in person.

Monday, August 20, 2012

made it back!

ok so i got it done, one last gremlin ?
yep a exahust pipe lallin off the 72.
quick fix only 70 miles out!
i felt like i was flyin the memphis bell home after her last bombing run ! lol!
got the 72 loaded up on trailer and jammed to n england to off load.
visit and fly back .
ready to do nothing for a bit, but the bike needs attention !
anyone got a drum break set up for the 59???
what a long strange trip its been!
now all i need is for the plane to make it back to rdu safe.
see yall soon!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

oh yeah , thanks!

im amazed by the friends i have met over the past 2 years .
the ones who check in , and encourage me when this trip hits a bump!
none have been big bumps, but without the friends ive made on the road willing to help? well it could suck!
NEES HD. in london ky.
JJ in iowa, twice puttin me up and feedin me.
bill and tina, met on the missouri river and hung in through the lil gremlins all week. great new friends.
tim for stopping, trailoring, housing, feeding me 2 meals, helping me get to dealer for parts!
jethro cycles for assistance on lynns bike.
gail and phil for giving me a house to crash with a/c and cold beer.
eqlipse sent me a voice mail on the way out to motivate! and checked in reg.
gator an OD! allways checkin in! leavin messages on blog to motivate.
deeeewayne! what can i say?! awsome.
ken and you know who checkin in!
wild bill from DS checkin in!
and all the shovelhead usa crew , liz , jay, mass-a-two-sets!
and todd for settin me up with lodging at moes! and offering parts to be shipped overnite!
and daveo and the BSM in j-ville.
a text sayin
where are ya? ya know there is no distance too far for me , i will come and get ya!
im blessed to have this! i wont forget!
i love you all, and hope to see ya soon.
the road provides! get out an ride!
wheres my beer???

f-in phone!

wont let me post pics?
says photo limit reached!?
any one know why?
help me please!
oh well i will be at moes tomorrow so off air for a couple days.

what a day!

so today it rained!
rode it out of ky. into tenn. down the mountains to marysville.
the 72 throws a chain and tweeks it bad!
put it on and its bent bad and keeps trackin off.
smokymt HD sucks! no chain, 7 to 10 days to get one.
over nite an i will pay!
NO!.....why?......cause service manj. said no! ......why? cause hes a dick.
found a small shop willing to help 4 miles away, but no chain.
AAA on the way!
opened up a lift and away we go, think its ok, seems ok?
shop took 40 bucks ! great!!
again great guys at jethros cycle, walend tenn., lift , tools, 40 bucks.
met some guys next door buyin sellin parts. went pickin! more about it later.
got a empty house to stay in with a/c
and ice and cold beer!
great burger for dinner!
gonna crash.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

dodgin storms again in ky

i got started after toast and sasage gravy an ciffee at tims.
again an awsime guy, and his family is great!
bike running great, still leakin but shes good!
storms all around but we dodged them.
only problem today? my helmet strap broke. so i got some phone wire and fixed it.
eve swim and some highlifes and im ready to crash.
headed to kickstand lodge, todd from shovel head forum hooked me up with accomodations at moes.
so i wont blog after tomorrow due to no at&t service there! ask hopalong, we had to go to 4. 000 feet elv to find him service.
well stay tuned, i will return to post in a couple.
love yall!
see ya when i see ya!

miss the lil things


back on the road

so, tim the fellow who stopped came back and hauled me to his place.
and then i found out that the axel moved because the bearings on the left side of the wheel disinagrated.
long story but im goin bck to drum on the rear.
had to go to HD, get parts.
the ones i put in the wheel were a kit by drag spealty, but HD sells peice meel, they had all but 2 peices , i had them back at tims.
removed the bad rear bannana cal. and reinstaled gust the bracket.
found a big washer from a twinky that seems good for the final spacer.
rode it at dark , dodgen all kinds of indiana deer, and seems good.
reassembled and packed bike.
ate stew and crashed on tims couch with his pitbull chance.
great people, company , and brotherhood!
as i say , the road provides!
b-fast and im rollin. just checked her over at gas stop and all looks good.
im a little gun shy fromthe close call i had, gator and HD says it should have locked up?!
thanks god! i promise to be better.
miss home, friends, love ones, ( same )
its all good, just aint the same.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Release Show Class Release

 Well went to the show. Was pretty good shape when we all got there and the party was going good i think we missed the real big crowd. But guess we were just fucking late. O well there will be a next time.

                                                       But the party folks were in rare shape.
  I did get off a few pictures. To show folks that these are real cool folks.  

Shop rag was his same old wide open self.

Shop rag showin class.

hell yea he was happy, Look at his PANHEAD nice very nice.

Every ones Favorate stepson Billy was runny around making friends and kissing babbies.

The HMFIC for the night and his lovely lady. 

This guy scored this thing and i think he said with only 6000 miles on it, Dam pretty nice.

This was a pretty cool chopper.

Dave and Tam invited everyone over for a pretty good after party and evening cocktails, Pretty nice of them i thought.

And the ride to the house was on. Man what a great bunch of folks to be around and party with. Thanks Tim for the chance to have a party and Dave-o and Tam for opening up your home for the after party. All and all it was a good nite. And folks did SHOW CLASS !!! 

wild ride!! but im alive!

oil leak is really bad off right side of motor, so moch so im add it every 200
well jammin ta get back, and goosin around all these big rigs toik its toll for sure
axel must be so lubed up it tweeked trom the torque of the trans,
gunned her to hard that last pass!
wild ride high speed wobble , shut her down pulled in cluthdh and
ade it to the grass. wow! i can put my pinky finger beteen adjuster screw and axel nut.
13 miles from dealer they cant help, but a dude just stopped and is gettin his trailer! lives 2 miles and has a jack!
and beef stew for dinner!
stay tuned?
the road provides!
oh yeah! no bikes have offered assistance !!
live through that but i will probly get hit buy someone texting while i sit here!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

dodgin rain, tweekin small gremlins,

started out with clear sky, nice sunrise.
it quickly turned grey, fuck it i aint wearin raingear! i hate it!
hung with michel from monteal cannada, great guy, got info to visit and ride. and visa versa.
they have never been to the south.
jammed to indiana and got a shit room, im beat again, 310 miles today.
this trip is takin its toll on me and the 59
at least the bike is the only thing leakin!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


still in iowa, fixed headlite, lost head lite!
not gonna worry cause i got the spots.
got a room in the getto, storms for tomorrow and sunday.
no headlite and no rear breaks or break lite , not a good combo for ridin in a storm. well see at first lite.
dominos wings and beer.
gonna sleep in the chair to watch my bike, this neighborHOOD!
sucks! got my pistola on my hip.
roach in bathroom, i will be lucky if i dont get bit by bed bugs!
fuck it im beat, an my back is still killin me.

patch work

new headlite 12 bucks
hose clamps 5 bucks
60 wt oil 8 bucks
JJ ???? priceless! thanks buddy, wish everyone could be like you!
the 59 is developing lots of leaks, but im gonna make it!

just an opinion

i think these things are awsome, sometimes they are as far as i can see.
blades longer than a semi rig.
saw one being hauled.