The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

back yo yhr drawin board!!

ok, i have the starter rebuilt, new starter solinoide, batt., cables, volt reg. push button wham she runs, carb float stickin, got it right, day 3 broke intake clamp, fixed, runs great again, day 4 push button on bars not workin, then intermittenly? she fires then she dont,,,let pooter girl ride it and at the last lite before the shop the flote is stuck, gas flowin out the overflow tube and it dies,,,,wont start, think its the starter relay? its makin a slite click under batt. ? wtf... revenge run gettin close?!! dont wanna ride the thunder chickin...back at her in am, but as for tonite and the pushing of that bike/ im drinkin...fuck it! i love old motorsickles! get out and ride, push, whatever, get bizzy livin, peace!

Monday, April 29, 2013

chilli nite.

so we all ended up at the sugar shack to eat chilli, and pinapple cobbler that el prezadente OD was gooooooooood! beer and an eve. ride with pooter. and got my nose peirced ta boot!! lmao!!

The OG's Tribute to George Jones,

OG The Leprechaun Tribute Version, Denton Practice.
OG gator, didn't spend much on music lessons. What was the words again?
"RIP George"
Maybe we should cut back on the Blue Ribbons on Sundays...
OG Big Don's Bike

The Leprechaun and LKM's Shovels
OG Leprechaun,  April, 2013
The Leprechaun trying to explain something.....WTF?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

ridin n wrenchin...

so yesterday was good, farm auction with LKM and some lunch, then test ridin the 81 again, shes doin good but now carb needs attentin. then off to rescue pooter girl from herself, lol! we all ended up at the sugarshack and had dinner while she and gator fixed her front end . lil rain today but we are riding anyway.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

off to AFG. for 2/8

so today was tuff, nephew, my boy pauly who i think of like my own deployed with 2/8 weapons plt. and when i got the word they were gone......i fely like i was gonna die. we all did the same thing in our day, but now its different. i see them all gung ho and shit just like us back in the day, but now i see em like? they are just kids! and feel 10 ft tall an bullet proof, but wow! just kids....i know full grown marines, men! but hes allways gonna be a kid to me.....GOD SPEED TO my boy AND 2/8, im proud and scared ! but he will be ok, top notch marine and they are all gonna be just fine . kick some ass and take ground! and make some music with that 240. semper fi. oh yeah , the possum dyin didnt help my mood neither .

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KSL Gathering

Man this was a great day just hanging out and relaxing at the wheels through time.

 This is Dale giving some us shovelhead guys a ride in that old ass car only a few ever made.

 Now dale giving us all rides on that old pan head side car  racer.

Let me get more pictures sorted out and more to follow.  See ya.

gun raffle, and a visit from our FLA. OGs

so i got back from conn. and seein pauly off to AFG. and got on the 81, she needed thr starter fixed and a new solinoide, lil kenny mock hooked it up on the starter, drank some PBRs and smoked a cigar and rolled out. then the gun raffle at ray price harley, we did well! 2,00 tickets for a 6,000 dollar weapon. rode to dinner and drinks and then to meet up with the crew for beers and see nancy and edward. was a good eve. weather is nice and riding time is plenty!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

revenge run tickets.

hey if anybody needs revenge run tickets lemme know or go to pootergirls blog and contact her. she has 2 extra

Thursday, April 18, 2013


wow, look what i got! cant beleive it was just hangin on a shop wall and nobody wanted it? WOW!

so shop rag sent me a message yesterday while i was out ridin and says a buddy likes reading the OG blog in afganistan , so a shout gose out to STAKE! ret. army and now a civ. contractor over there. well stake stay safe and when ya get back, lets meet at the BSM compound and have a beer ,,,or 20 beers !. on another note,,,shoprags pan is lookin bad ass....

Finally, Done !!!!

Just got done with the bike rebuild and now the test rides for timing tune and adjusting. What a journey this has been. A few surprises and a few wow never seen that before kinda shit. But all and all pretty fun doing it. But most of all Thanks to A friend for some advise and technical support. Kinda like he says ( You cant learn shit as long as your lips are moving ). See yall later.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

jammin all day

wow back from conn. trees in full bloom! 60+ degs at 8 am!
just road all day all over! tomorrow its buckledown day and rebuild the starter on the 81
but if the sun is shinein in the mornin im screwed! lmao i gotta roll!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Getting real close

Dam what a time this has been. All the good and bad. If anyone has done a tear down like this before you know what i am talking about. Some fun and some aggravating as hell. With a little luck it should start tonight. And hope everything is right. Then do some riding nice and easy in the mountains.  See YA.    

Sunday, April 14, 2013

DAM !!!!!!

Hard to be at this point and working on your bike while hearing all the other bikes running up and down the road. Kinda like being grounded and cant make the big party. !!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

im havin fun in conn. i spent time with my friend sue and her kids, they asked me to come to see how home schooling works. so all the parents meet once a week for a co-op type deal at a learning center. they say i act out, and talk too much in class....a distraction they said? hmmmmm?