The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Thursday, December 29, 2011

deer season

nice veiw
score me some BBQ
ok , this season sucks, last year sucked, what the fuck! too fuckin warm? i dont know but i had to put out 4 doe in heat stations tonite to get this lil horney bastard to come in from down wind lookin for a date. useually i would let this thing walk past, but not as slow as its been, and hell it will be some tender BBQ.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


well gator is off until after the new year,, and well hes gettin bored, he needs company ! go buy and drink a beer. yesterday he spent the day with big brett , brettlee, buzzard , and frankinsine burn in up tons of ammo! today we just drank beer and listened to david allen coe cd,s,,,,it was nice,,then he turned into his alter ego the german ace , VICTOR VON PBR, the dude cracks me the hell up!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas eve 2011

merry christmas folks , have a good one!

the back plate fab job.

mr. ken gettin it done, he has done 5 of these plates and has it down! i have one on the 59 and this is for the 56


so here is the backin plate installed on the E
and the cover,
looks good,
i still kinda like the velosity stack. need ta find one.
thanks to mr. ken for the materials and help, and brett for bringin beer, and gator for the inside screen...and more beer. cheers!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

sometimes tryin ta help is like pullin teeth on a badger!

so i go over to death science today to sell/trade some parts to tim for the 69 shovel project he is now starting, and weeman is stressin about tryin to unfuck a HD frame they are using on this build,, the frame needs work, and after much debate about how fucked it is ( and im tellin ya, i would let either of my ex mother inlaws take a ride on it cause somethin bad would happen) brett went and got his frame jig! hopefully they are on track ta fixin it right.
brett and ken , combined years of experiance 40?
mr ken, all ya gotta do is listen and learn kids
OG brett , hookin DS tim up with the jig.
we then drank the beer in their fridge and went back ta gators shop ta drink his beer, oh yeah me and tim did some tradin to both are benifits.

Monday, December 19, 2011

bretts bored

im lovin this pic. brett finnished the 58 pan project and now hes bored, ( hmmm whats next hes thinkin, and val is thinkin, oooh shit whats next! ) hahahaha!

da hollidays are here!

da hollidays are here and gator is breakin out the good stuff!?! wth stop by and have a shot.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Me day.....

Aaaaah, even an old biker needs a little pampering...Heehee!!

oil bag for chip, with the black sheep misfits.

ive been chasing this oil tank for over a month and finnally got into this dudes shed to get it, what a pain in the ass it was ! horders!!needs a lil lovin on it but i think its good ta go.
some body tack welded a chrome skin on it, its black under the skin.
well chip i hope it works for the white roller.

toys of tots and death science

tim at death science in two weeks loaded up some toys for the marine corps reserve in ral, nc. awsome! and good ol george did a bang up job with the art for the drive, tanks guys, next year im sure with more notice it will be even better.
big bag of love.
thanks to all that sent in the goodies for the kids! and tim for sendin out the thankyou packs !! and all the deathscience guys.

toys for tots drive

well the toys for tots drive at the local ral. nc. K-mart went well, we filled the 6x up in 4 or 5 hours. thanks to my fellow members of the MARINE CORPS LEAGUE det. 1257 for the help! also thanks to k-mart for allowing us the space.

harley the raindeer and hotrods

no harley ya aint gonna trick santa, it aint gonna work!
wth? its worth a try.
went lookin a project for gator and came accross this , ??? and a t modle pick up, he needs a project. then i went to his shop ta drink beer with him and hartley.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

my lil Brey, RIP.

me and Brey in nc. enjoyin the moment. GO FASTER UNCLE KJ!
checkin out and helpin with one of her many cousins. keepin them socks warmed up.
at my brother pats wedding, my lil Brey, ..she was everyone s lil Brey that knew her. 4 years ago we lost her, RIP baby girl,xoxoxoxoxo. and try and watch my back.

Various pics from around the country