The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Sunday, March 31, 2013

68 bonnie, B-day pickin, swap meet.

ok been gone for a bit, cause my phone an comp. got hacked soo . on line better now. so heres a pic of the 68 , 650 bonnie bobber io found and have tucked away safe and sound. got the drum brake figured out on the 59. got the new 140 on the 81 and the rear brakes rebuilt, but having a starter prob.??? gonna pull it apart , clean it out re grease it and see if it helps. u know who had a b-day chickin pickin and the OGs who could be there were there. eggie cooked up a big batcha wings first then bbq bresteseists! and thighs.....mmmmmmmm! sides , bone fire, beer , wine and cake. me ,LKM and eclipse did the ray price swapmeet just in case the old stuff came out from his private stash pile, we scored some really good shit . then went to do the drink beer and goof off hangin with my buds. well its rainin , but im goin for a ride then droppin the thunder chickin off at eclipses house to baby sit for me while i head to conn. for my nephews goin away party , before he deploys with 2/8 to afg. semper fi! ok im outta here, get out and ride.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

brum brakes...

huntin down parts for the 59s rear drums, hard ta find but i think i got it coming together. will see. waitin on a package from ashville HD.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

random daytona pics

final blog on daytona, rode home sunday at 1100 and did the A1A along the coast, awesome ride. (get off the highway) bike ran great! at one point there was a quick 5 buck per bike ferry ride. we then gammed 95 north bound. tony bailed on 17 to willmington and erin on 26? for cher. hae and big =D pushed on into the eve, doin 85 mph all the way. got cold in SC. and we stopped at south of the border to buy 1 dollar Ts to cut up and wrap dennis up with. he only had his leather jacket. i cary carhaeart insulated bibs everywhere i go until summer hits. we hit rain after that and it got colder and wetter as we ran. dropped D at hyway 42 and he walked around until he quit shivverin...once i knew he was good and only 6 miles from his place i rolled 1 hour more to my place , had 2 shots of irish whiskey and crashed. to sum it up? daytona is gaytona, just like all the rallies but its been 16 years and i had to see it again. if ya go ..the boot hill is blue collar enough and the beer is cold and cheep. anyway, enjoy the day and stay safe! get out and ride kids.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

last day in daytona

so as i was sayin the thunder chickin road glide was runnin like ass, so we figure we wanna ride to the race trac see the stunt show etc. maybe find a dyno to figure whats wrong. we had a big b-fast and realize that big-D has toes the size of bricks and ya can fit 2 full grown women in his pants! lol, hes a big man, we rolled out and made it to the swap meet next to the race track and the bike starts fuckin up, i see dr. dyno....100.00?? well my sat, was spent messin with the thing and everyone stayed with me , couldnot get them to leave and enjoy the day, np they stuck with me...good group of friends. any way we think we got it fixed, but shes for sale, gimme a s&s carb! fuck the fuel inj. and computers. saw some cool old bikes at the swap. made some northern contacts for flathead stuff and drank beer. went for pizza and beer and watched big D knock a guy out that tried to keep us from crossin the street? lol gotta love drunks! who bows up to a 360 pound giant? lmao,we got our pizza and called it a nite. stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

twiky trouble, daytona 13

so fri. morning i wake up and im hungover, and i get my 1st cup a joe, an john says come on brother im wantin ta sling some ink! so be it....hurtin in my head hurtin on my we roll out after some b-fast and do the loop, great ride, then the bar hoppin, dennis gets a ticket for apes, i get sepperated and the roadglide starts atin up barkin, and buckin like a mule on the rag! WTH, WTF? all i can hear is everyone back home, ( take the new bike, no hassels, jam down and back! eazy-peeezy!) got to the condo in an hour, should have been a 20 min. ride. i parked her and wait to regroup....they show fill me in on cops. and we catch a buzz. anyway the rest of the day a bit and crash...race track and a dyno to figure this bike out, fuckin computers n motorcycles!meet some cool people, saw the wall of death with a chick ridin, its always great! ate some seafood...oh yeah gay baggers abound !!! WTF? stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

daytona part 2

so the bikini contests at all bike rallys have turned pro, dont blame the bars , it draws a crowd and beer gets sold. but i dont get all the wore out chicks sellin beer? maybe it made me want to be drunk? i dont know? asses looked like cottage cheeze or a rhinos knee? anyway, the boot hill was the place for me and tony as far as mainstreet, 2.00 PBR and cheep wells. the AC/DC band was awesome and we stayed till closing time..we were walkin distance to main street from our digs so we could tie one on , no worries! and the due with the food stand and the chickin on a fuckin stick!!! WOW! any way the second day was great. well its a beautiful day out im outta here for a ride.

Monday, March 18, 2013


so the ride out was 0600 headed to meet up with savage and big D on hyway 42 cooooold mornin! waffle house and on the road by 830, un eventful till Ga. and the screamin eagle bagger starts buckin an poppin.....and fucked with me all week. ( more on that later )got into daytona and hooked up with tony miller and hit main street...hardly find a it was brown liqure, ugh!! i hurt the next day fo sure. oh yeah! ran outta gas on the way and as soon as i coasted into the rest stop and died a dude pullin a trailer comes in , big D asked if he had gas and he did! 5 gals. hooked us up no charge!! the road provides!! stay tuned.

BUZZRD is down, but not out.

our newest member of the OG crew buzzard has had a heart attack, and i was informed by pootergirl this am. with the details, he is having a stint put in and as of the last i heard he is awake and complaining. we ask for your prayers for a speedy recovery . speedy recovery bro.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

trans swap

so this past weekend me and russel stover headed to BSM compound to see the crew and get a cowpie tranny swap to a rachet top done. davo and shoprag allways willin to help out. well shoprag new how much we love bbq so he put 2 squerls on for us, he says the trick is plenty of water for good bbq. it was AWESOME!!! and we took a pic of his pan in flat black, see it? well its the last time cause they are headed to kantucky to pic up his tins from cassanova, its gonna be sweet....tam was chasin kids all weekend! and much beer was drank, bike is running great, and only needs a rear tire, thanks gose out to big al for the new battery! we were also treated to a suprise, when we stumbled on a car lot in the middle of nowhere with all kinds a cool old cars , none over 5 gs? wtf? well im off to daytona in the am, so stay tuned for this great adventure, i will post every day! get some!!