The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Wednesday, February 29, 2012





Monday, February 27, 2012

a new addition

so i went to conn. for a couple weeks to meet my new neice, finnley georga hughes.
and here she is with the proud papa, my youngest brother pat.
and im the godfather,
no boys, ever!!

departure bike works swap meet

dont forget the boys at departure bike shop are doin the swap meet thing again this weekend (sunday)
we had a good time and some cool parts were scored. be there or be square.
google it!

bikes, babes and shit that gose bang

this is just a nice lookin babe
rear veiw, looks like dirty ernies old bike.
bar bitch from a rally,
close up,
and her runnin partner, if ya want shit that gose bang ? refer to wade the cripples video post from earlier this week! it never gets old,, good shit.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

trip home to conn.

this is why i live in NC. cold and rain and snow and wind.
refuelin with (closest) my younger brothers, david, pat, lil nick, joey and me.
conn. chapter of the Leathernecks M/C
will be back in the spring to ride and party with them,
got ta party with granny at the VFW bar, shes bringin sexy back.
1.50 beers and free hot popcorn weeeeee!!

23 years

me and stinky at morning coffee, and meet the family , 2 kids, and a sucsess full bussness. wow!
got to reunite with a old friend after 23 years, from back in my usmc days.
my 1st wife let her know i was in her area and gave her my number and walah!
drinks at a cool lil bar and it was great, good to see stinky again. she still looks great.

Big Shit that goes bang.

Why in the hell would you need this,  O My god , Becky.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My idea of a chopper.

Dam this one here is just about is as close to perfect as can be. Nice hippie paint and seat. Long front and bars. Motor done just enough. It just needs longer upswept pipes and a higher sissey bar. WOW it is real cool.   


The O Lady wants to adopt a dog. I got no prob, with it at all. As a matter of fact i do kinda look foward to it. Nothing like having a good old dog to hang with and drink a beer with. But she wants this one. I just cant see it. There is no way i could look at this dog all day, Much less rub and scratch his back. So Sorry dear keep looking this one aint going to happen.    WTF !!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

first build

so i met a real nice kid today that saw my frame for sale on deathscience blog.
matt used to be stationed with DS jay in fla. and when he threw jays name out i had to hook him up, ( even though he is navy )
wishbone frame, front and rear wheels , oiltank, and some sheet metal, ( had ta snap a pic with the usmc flag in the background )
we then went to gators for some beer and ta look at bike parts and of corse that leads ta guns, and more beer.
nice ta hang with matt and show him around, and help out jays buddy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

pickin south carolina with DS tim

well i met matt in char. nc swap meet and we have been back and forth for a couple months on gettin this 42 wla motor and the horse tradin is over and she is back in nc.
come ta find out tim talks to jayson and he tells tim matt has some amazing stuff and then they meet at the easyrider show in char. and that put tim ridin shotgun to look over one of the harley holy grayles!!
we did some pricing and a return trip will be in order very soon to pic up some more goodies.

this is matt kickin his knuck he scored in ala.this bike won the 1950 state endro racs in ala.
this bike will be in daytona this year.
one of i think 5 servi cars in the building, this kid has more knucks,pans,and flatheads than i have ever seen other than at wheels through time, and sorry this place is ( location ) cannot be reveiled per matts request.
ps. i need a set of wla heads, what a trip, have a good one kids.

more pics from south carolina

tryin to rob peter ta pay paul and get this sevi.
sooo complete
knucks , pans, big flattys......bikes , motors, ....overload!
more knucks....
i beleive this 66 bagger is the newest bike in the house.

Monday, February 6, 2012

mondays bikes, babes, and shit that gose bang

ok, i stole this from born looser blog, im tellin ya they post the best pics of babes from back in the day, ( the 70s ) .
bikes,,, they are for ridin , not lookin at ! get out and ride!
should have brought home some candy and flowers! wtf?
yep, candy and flowers , WOW?
this is more like it. lest she aint pointin it at ya.
anyway have a good one, me and DS tim are on the road to south carolina ta go pickin!!
will post what we get tomorrow eve. stay tuned.