The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

two for tuesday

stole this from creep street if i remember right, anyway ya gotta love it when inocent little girls ( the olsen twins) on tv. turn into little ..... well you get it! haha enjoy.

Monday, January 30, 2012

bikes, babes, and shit that gose bang!

got flatheads on the brain for awhile now, stay tuned.
what a turd cutter on this one!
and ta finnish up this weeks shit that gose bang,, gators p38 matching numbers gem. complete with iorneagle on swastika on pistol and matching leather holster.
9mm. sweet gun.
p 38 , have a great monday folks.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

friends that poot together stay together

pooter stopped back off at gators befor headed home and dropped his b-day present off.
i swear they got ta be blood kin!!

progress on the war wagon

went and had pooter drop me at gators to pick up my bike after gators b-day and many cold ones the nite befor.
hung out and watched him paint on the war wagon, and drank more cold ones.
chilli ride home tonite, but still a nice ride.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

a few more pics of dators b-day

my 59 , wild bills sporty, and preachers shovel
even ol wade linus ( the crip ) rogers got his bike out and got the fluigs runnin, he cant eide yet but i rode it for him a little bit.

over all a great day.

gatordays b-

val loves singin happy b-day!
then came bronsen dvd
new shades for the plasma cutter
eggie puttin the new groundin clamp on his ear, he can endure some pain!
the og crew, happy b-gay gator.

ridin with DS wild bill.

so bill and me met up ta do some ridin and he was catchin some ribbing from his DS bros. for it! haha, something about becoming an OG?
here is mr. ken suggesting he ride more often and party more with the OG.
here is gator givin billy his official probate cirtifacate and bottom rocker! hahahahaha!
ahahahahaha!! weeeeee!
his first time at church!!!! waaah,hahaha!
lets roll!! any way we all had some fun and a ride in the country and back to gators for some beer, warm up for gators b-day party that nite.
dont know if the DS boys showed later cause me and pooter girl split early.

Friday, January 27, 2012

another shop closes, THANKS OBAMA

well me mr ken and eclipse went to see what was what when we heard bikers blvd was closin its doors,, sad.
ive bought some stuff from them in the past , and allways hit the open house each year,( even won my only trophy for rat class there) anyway due to the thriving aconomy we are all enjoying they are closin the doors,
sad. so we bought some stuff...whos next? nobody i hope!

gay? or not?

if ya like the bike more than the bitch,, yer gay!! what one would you ride?
i was havin a disscusion with a dude and he insisted these wide tire weekend worrior type bikes are the shit,
sorry but i would ride a elec. scooter first!! ( i bet ya get a free round of golf and a polo shirt when ya buy one) HA!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Need to get caught up on things.

Been down a while with my legg but things are getting better every day. Found some new sites to go to. I kinda like this but. You would know that the blonde had to raise a cheek and FART. (must be related to gator)

Saw some real cool bikes that inspire me to get up and work that legg.BAD ASS

Man what i wouldnt give for a bikelike this. I love this hippie shit.

This one is pretty cool also. Check out that frame.

Real cool radical front end. Sugar Bears personal bike i belive.

Well winter is here and we all need to try and not get cabin fever and or curl up and die due to the cold ( which i hate with a passion ) So get out and do something.

I hear gators mad at me for not getting my helment yet. Guess ill go see him this weekend with a twelve pack or so. Hes really going to be pissed cause i got another one for him to do. Ha in his spare time while hes resting.   

WOW modern medical. Broke my hip in a freak fall like we all have done. Hell i just triped and fell. Well ya ok i was drinking and messing with GATOR. Now i might look old but dam at 47 wtf. So to make a real long story short the screws didnt work and the hip didnt grow back and mend like most folks do. So now i got a new one and its doing real good and getting better everyday. O they took the screws out and i got to keep them. Got plans on some awsome break and gear levers with them.

      Now this is what i got. Man this thing fells real funny in my bone. Its great but Dam he forgot the grease fitting.  

I guess the moral of the story is to be dam carefull when you party with GATOR and always stay at least a arm length away. And never feed him. O keep a good eye on him at all times he has been known to take off on running fits. But hey another good story to tell and i couldnt think of no better folks to have lived it with.    HAHA  see ya.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

revenge run and smokeouts allmost here!

hit by a van in 08 me and pooter were down for a year, this was the day before headed to the rock09 first trip after accedent. smokeout.
smokeout in salsbury, the horse was shootin her and i was too.
salsbury, smokeout, she was posin on a trump chopper.
smokeout cool couple cool shot, hot as hell that weekend, but it makes the cold beer sooooo much better.
Va. swap meet in march
daytona in march
revenge run in april
and smokeout in june, hope yall are ready!



Monday, January 23, 2012

thought for the day.

to all the crybaby lil fucks in school, livin at home, still draggin on moms tit and cryin about how the country is all fucked up , HARDEN THE FUCK UP!!,

new boots

finnally broke down while in durham with mr ken gettin a iorn head titled.
this is my second pair of this type red wing steel toe boot, and my orthotic fits inside, aaahhhh.
and mr ken got me a discount cause his buss, has a employee dis. plan, wahoo

Sunday, January 22, 2012

progress on the 56s trans

mr ken makin sure the threds go in stright for the sew studs.
gettin er done, now to get her back in the bike.

war wagon

so here is neal (gator ) with a bunch of dog leash swivel snaps stuck in his hair1 hahahaha!
he was tryin to make a mr. t starter kit around his neck . man he cracks me up.
rear veiw of the war wagon.
killer shade awning!
over all a killer deal and plenty of space, this rig is huge!!