The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Friday, December 28, 2012

another day at the money pit

poor OD , that condo is gonna put her in the loony bin! damn nasty ass renters trashed the place and its been a group effort by the OGs to get it back in shape, it was doors and lites yesterday. and the painter is makin great time.... then it was lunch for fat burgers at the corner pocket and then back to the shop to watch horror movies and drink beer. DS wild bill got there and we went out to shop to finnish his 72, runs great now thanks to mr ken and his barn full of old stuff that makes things go! not just the cool shiney shit that makes your shit look cool sittin on the side of the road broke down and waitin on a chase truck... DS billy also dropped us off beer and show class calenders for christmas...thanks buddy. ok im hopefully off to get a 75 fx, like i need another project! HA! get out and ride.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas

well got up today and had some toast n coffee and christmas blah, blah, blah... as soon as i could i was gone, rode solo and enjoyed the time. back to the shop to clean, and then i was off again only i took OG big tom and his new girl with. we burned it up for 3 hours and only stopped for fuel, so good to burn up fuel. got to wear my new yellow sunglasses with the pink bow i got from OD and harley ray. finnished up with a killer seafood dinner after tom split off to get some nookie. and when i returned to the shop santa snake, dropped of a gift through the mail slot on the front door...a sweet owners manual for the WLA project!! hohoho what do ya know! merry christmas and thanks to all who checked in with me over the holiday. peace

Monday, December 24, 2012

Big Bad Biker

Check out Kev's new shades. I got them cause he was feeling bad after losing his buddy "Wolf" thought they would cheer him. The pink bow is a nice touch I think. So look for him in his bubble headed helmet with the pink ya OD

Sunday, December 23, 2012

happt b-day to my neice maria, 18 years!! a perfect kid!

been busy!!

wild bill and gator adjusted billys pushrods and timeing on the 72,, funny as shit watchin bill get splatted with oil from the timeing hole!!! and we made more apple pie, mmmmm , well its cold outside an it keeps us happy. bone fire at mr. kens ta party with our fla. OGs, edwin n nancy. cold out this weekend but nice ridin.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


to all who e-mailed, text, and FB me yesterday thanks you are all my family. today will be better and i have my lil bean with me...we gonna go looking for a ol trump chopper i heard about right down the road. peace, and much love to yall.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

at 10:45 today i lost my friend of 14 years, and im dying from the loss. thank you for giving me your unconditional love. i love ya wolf, allways have and allways will. i hope your up there running like a young puppy again. RIP, wolfgang rommel hughes. aka WOLF you will be truely missed by all, see ya when i see ya lil brother.

Monday, December 17, 2012


ok so after pickin parts sat, and partyin with BSM an A/F mc. that nite then the 3 hour ride home, i got back in time sun. morning to get my buddy joshs 6x and drive it to ral . for my MCL det 1257 toys for tots drive at k-mart on six forks rd. in ral nc. got the truck in place bannered it and spent the next 5 hours ringin a bell. we did good, 140.00 in cash donation and 6 or 7 big ass boxes of toys. on of our members tim dose the santa thing every year. so come on we all have things to do but get out and do some charity work! or at least donate someplace!

more goodies from barn

my new frame, much better than the other one im working with, and a complete crash bar. some stuff on the concrete i will flip to recoupe my money. bags bates seat pan squash pipes for knuck and pan, one peice with y. #1 points covers. pan rockerbox covers k modlel sliders and tubes sell it all. 919-961-0361 its great to find parts ya need and sell off what ya dont to feed the habbit. any way got done and then road to meet up with BSM in j-ville and then go to the armed forces mc. clubhouse for the fallen brother party they do every year. lots of good people there. tam as allways cooked a awsome b-fast of omlettes. and i was on my way home.

hunting for WLA parts

well yall know im trying to build a wla,,, not so easy trying to find parts. but got a lead then a invite to look at some parts in a building east of here. i went and wow, got another solo frame, tanks with shifter and gate still on them. a set of bubblebags. bates seat pan. lots a goodies... i will go back as my money allows.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

dave0 and shoprag with BSM showed up on tues and went to DS lab to help tim id. some parts he scored. im tellin ya dave can id anything. he then worked on the layth truning down some legs for the knuck project. and then we drank and were mary, crashed at my shop , big breakfast and off to gators to pick up some stuff. while there dave id, the extended springer i got last week as a inline springer for a 45. hot damn and i need ed one. so i sent it to j-ville for them to cut up and see if the org. legs were still inside the ford radius arms....stay tuned. hunting is slow, but peacefull.

Monday, December 10, 2012


clogged shitter lines at the shop! wtf! so on thurs day the lines were clogged and the landlord sent some plumbers over ...on friday! after 20 mins they say see ya on monday? wtf? we need a snake with a cam on it to see the block. wtf!? so all weekend no bathroom at the shop. or the gun shop , or the antique store....or! wtf! but they arrived today at 11 am and got it fixed by 2pm and it only took 5 of them and running a hose into the front of the shop , down the purge hole in the middle of my shop floor. and after they left i got to spend and hour and a half cleaning up shit water splashed all over the place , place stunk like a hog farm, blah blah blah!!! any way it ended good, ol tommy next door dropped off a 1940s suicide ball from his grandads truck, very cool peice.


The OG's watch as The Kid test rides his 72 Shovel...

I think Billy's next project will be like this rigid/rigid by Mann...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

good day in OG land

 me an gator had breakfast with od and then rolled to her townhouse to see the damage her last tenant did to her place, it was bad! but we will have it fixed soon.
then me an gator rode to mr kens house.
 he was rebuilding the carb on the 81. we drank his beer.
 moved back to the sugar shack cause pooter girl locked her keys in her building and the party continued workin on billys 72.
 i got a buzz cuzz
 easy on the apple pie pooter.
 billy had a hard nite on the town and didnt show till late this afternoon....he was hurtin .
 hair of the dawg!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

a OG kinda day.

 mr ken me and gator got the 59 timed and runnin good. and we road a bit.
 off ta gators ta finnish up the wheel truing at the sugar shack. mr ken snuggin the spokes
 so he places a empty long neck bottle against the outside of the rim and spins it, and adjusts the spokes until the rim spins un resticted ( runs smoothly along the edge of the bottle top )
 see the bottle on the left side of rim? spin adjust spoke where it rubs , and soon it spins true.
 when we got to the shack, pooter was hard at work with wild bill rebuilding his front end on his 72 fx.
and posed next to the extended knuck front end i scored last nite. 18 over.
 billy picked up the parts from live wire powder coating in willmington nc, for big dons tribute bike / rebuild.
let me just say, live wire powder coating,,, they are the best! no shit top of the line work.\potter and the guys at live wire knocked it out of the park! thanks guys!!
 the front end on wild bills bike complete and ready for test ride.
 awsome ride!!
 we then got busy installing big dons motor into the freshly powder coated frame.
jewreeeeeeey!!! gonna be nice.
finnished up with a mesican dinner and more beers,,, tomorrows another day! make the most of it and ride!