The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Monday, July 30, 2012

made it!

ok i made it.
good breakfast, and hauled ass away from missorie river, cut through the bad lands and it was awsome.
walls drug and HD shop for pokerchip and oil.
oh and hime made icecream.
made glenco and set up camp.
one misshap with a mini van.
hot dogs and beer for dinner!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


camp site

day 7 cont

oh yeah the pics of the 49 chevy!
500 bucks at auction! all there!
and a pic of me and a rollin thunder member from my home town of ansonia conn. go figure! meet someone from there in sturgis.

day 7 , jj house the morning after.

ok so JJ got me squared away and on the road with a batt and a barn ta crash in, steak and beer!
mom came by first thing and cooked us pancakes an sausage coffee! great!
loaded us down with hard candy and we were gone.
350 today, campin with my tent door over lookin the missorie river,
treated myself to stella artois beer!
hot today!
tired as hell, badland tomorrow, OH YEAH , im in SD.! i made it !!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

continued day 6

more picks, if ya head ta sturgis ya need to hook up with JJ rhe tru cker for a camp site, bring beer!
2 miles iff 71 and I 80 junction,
pull into hanson interstare repaur and tell em to callJJ

Friday, July 27, 2012

iowa day 5

iowa,beer, and clasic rock and farmland every where!
and tiday in iowa it was cool temps!
go figure!?

day 5

ok, 125 miles today , but fun!
first i went lookin fir HD, and it was easy. got there and asked any chance ya take a shovel in for chain adj.
hell yeah we got one up right now!
cool i got 2 needin attention.
craig service manj . pulled the 59 on the rack went front ta back makin adj.
to her the the 72 went in, they pulled the batwing fairing fixed front breaks and reassembled! then adj rears and the chain , air in tires etc. etc
how much you ask? from a HD dealer?
4.00 bucks and goodwishes!
your travlin and on old bikes , good luck!
hell yeah! NEES HD galesburg IL.
ask for craig and the guys in parts are all top notch!
met a fella who was just back from a club brothers funeral.
ATOMIC KINGS, the fella i met is in the fancy suit and white derby hat!
another great guy! much fun and invited us OGs ta come to peoria IL and cook out! awsome guy! still ridin a pan bagger!
the other pic of the guy on the pan is his brother that passed away.
the fella in shorts is another mike and his lady wolf eyes! they chose to ride on and not camp.
i got beer, transister radio and im good!
stay tuned. i will get some miles in tomorrow.

day 4

ok , put down 400 miles.
lil rain the last 50 miles, no biggie.
couldnt hook up with my buddy greg from my usmc days, his wife was havin a bad week so she said no!
wtf!! i will try again in another 25 years i guess, bummer!!
met 2 guys at a gas stop that just came from a auction, scored a set of panhead risers out of their stash in back of the truck, 5 bucks! exchanged info and will call them when i get back to nc.
one has a 57 pan with paperwork from dealer he got it at!! he wants 5 gs
wheelin dealin in ill.
gonna shoot for missouri river today .
neb/iowa line. check your maps hyway 80 w and 29 n.
its a pretty mornin , havin coffee, hittin HD shop for poker chip and gone.
miss yall, love yall.
this stuff aint as easy as when i was 21 ,but at 51 its still great, im tired , sometimes shit dont go the way i want , but all in all im blessed.
yall be safe ,
oh yeah i saw them monster wind turbine things! awsome.
stay tuned, stay safe, stay gold!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

sturgis day 3?

every digital sign read 105 degs.
hit a HD shop in kentucky this morning and breakfast at huddle house. ( good )
of corse HD had nothing to fix a break line, so off to advance, fixed in parkin lot and back on the road, pic shows it aint a pretty fix but hey! its hot out.
made it to levinworth indiana,
room, dinner, ( blt at truck stop) and done!
miss mary was great waitin tables, and put up with me well, a real sweet lady.
tomorrows callin for 96 degs and some rain.
i hope to see a old usmc buddy i haven seen in 25 years!
hope yall are good!