The crew minus a few nomads

The crew minus a few nomads

Sunday, September 23, 2012

ride to the coast and the BSM HQ.

 so after dealin with bike fest all day yesterday i said to everyone im headed to the coast, and this morning pooter girl text and asked if i was rollin through smithfield via hyway 70 east, yep!
she can get anyone to go to JRs tabbaco with her, ok
so she rode to the shop and off we went, when i got to JRs she would ride solo back to louis burg. cool.
here we are ridin country rds. down.
 a view of the lower end, needs a new andrews B grind cam, so davo ordered it, hes doing a few more things to freshin up the bottom end.
heads should be back from mach, shop soon. davo says it will be an 88 inch stroker when shes done.
 dave going over stuff/ progress with me, he dosent have to explain to me cause all he dose is gold.
 and look who decided to have an extended adventure ? yep , after a lunch stop she decided to ride along.
one lil glitch with her sporty on the road, lil oil leak. but a quick adjustment while i ran for oil and she had it fixed. ( to bad about them oil soaked jeans ) lol.
the black sheep had lunch prepared for all who showed today, grilled porkchops, sasauge, sides, and oh yeah they now have a kegorator in the shop!! with PBR on tap!! YOU HEAR THAT GATOR,!!
they said to tell ya come back down the beer is goin bad! they need your help!!
pic of me and pooter when we arrived.
back on the road at 5 pm and home by dark, sweet ridin day, absolutely awsome, great friends and all!!
300 today, what did you do with your day?? i hope ya got in a good ride.
now were is my beer?

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